What We Do

Personal Training

At Flex, our highly experienced training staff will work with you in order for you to receive the accountability, motivation and education you need to reach your fitness goals and to start leading a happier and healthier life.

We’ll begin with a current health and fitness assessment to review health history, prior injuries and any limitations so our trainers have all the information needed to build a program designed especially for you.  Our programs typically include full body strength training to increase metabolism and toning, core stability and balance training and stretching for flexibility.

At Flex, we care about YOU and YOUR goals and we’re here to help YOU obtain them.

Sports Training

At Flex, we can develop a program with your specific challenge in mind. Whether you’re a soccer player and you’re looking to run faster and longer, or a basketball player looking to jump higher, we can help you reach your maximum potential.

Weight Loss

Our weight loss programs combine cardiovascular exercises to burn calories with strength training for increased metabolism and guidance with respect to developing an appropriate eating style.


With the constant reminders of unhealthy foods being marketed to children and more electronics to keep them sedentary, childhood obesity is at an all-time high.  Sport programs offer children exercise but sports are not for everyone.  Flex can make exercise fun for your child and teach them a healthy lifestyle they can take with them into their adulthood.

Post Rehab

At Flex, we routinely work with clients who have had prior injuries and pick up where physical therapy leaves off.  Once you have completed physical therapy, it’s important to continue post rehab exercises with an experienced personal trainer to continue improvement in the strength and flexibility of the injured point or limb.