“Easy to fit in your schedule as you can just drop in for a great workout anytime. Very clean facilities. Upbeat trainers keep you motivated!”

Camille T. ,

“The boot camp was a fun and creative way to get a full body workout in less than an hour. ¬†Only 40 minutes and I could still feel the burn the next day!”

Michele G. ,

“Great place! The outstanding trainers are knowledgeable and provide attainablechallenges to get you to that next level. Due to the flexible schedule, there are no excuses to not go! One to one training at its best!”

Karen R.,

“It’s a Love Hate relationship! I Love the the concept ! Who doesn’t want to go to a gym and have your own personal trainer ? I say hate because Ive recently been sore(the good kind) in body parts I didn’t know could be sore! No pain no gain right ? I’ve always been an off and on gym goer but I get bored very easily! Machines and cardio were my go to. I can honestly say I have never left Flex feeling bored or unsatisfied! I leave feeling great about my workout! My body already feels different and I cant wait to see the results!”

Monica R.,