Flex Mission Statement:

At Flex, we believe strongly that physical fitness is a key element to your overall health and well-being. But, we also realize that we’re all different. Each of us has different fitness goals and perform at different fitness levels. At Flex, we understand and embrace that. That’s why we work with you to identify your goals and what fitness plan makes the most sense for you. We offer our clients a menu of membership options – from one day a week to unlimited usage of the facility and trainers.

Flex Fitness is: 

  • “Flex”ible, no nonsense personalized training
  • Results oriented fitness programs with certified trainers
  • Monthly memberships as low as $99.99
  • No appointment necessary – come when you want
  • Workout close to home/work

Flex is designed to deliver a client’s fitness needs through a unique system of personal training.  The benefit is that clients achieve the goal of working directly with a certified personal trainer, but at a fraction of the cost.  FLEX also provides clients with ease of access and flexibility.

Flex has multiple trainers on staff during the course of the day.  Clients can come in at any point during working hours to exercise directly with a trainer – no need to make an appointment.  Cost savings and time effectiveness are achieved because on-site trainers are working with multiple clients simultaneously, but not in a group setting.  That said, each client is given undivided attention and being provided a customized, individualized training regimen.  So in short, clients get the benefit of that personal touch, without the cost or time constraints.